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Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.2 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM for evereveryone Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.2

Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 16.0 series (Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.2) to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 16.0.2 compared to 16.0.1

FIX: 16.0 – computed extrafields are not displayed if the object has no other extrafields
FIX: #22538
FIX: Accountancy – Review of Winfic – eWinfic – Winsis compta export format
FIX: add loadRoleMode on getlinearray
FIX: Autosearch on takepos was broken
FIX: avoid access forbidden with numeric ref
FIX: avoid error, check of product fetch is already check before
FIX: avoid error, fetch of product is mandatory (by id or by ref)
FIX: avoid unnecessary multiple calculation (#22637)
FIX: bug on selected value for select_bom() function
FIX: can not set prospect status “Do not contact”
FIX: change in the communication status of the prospect
FIX: check $id, already checked before
FIX: closed warehouse for shipping
FIX: extrafields_add tpl for stock movement
FIX: the request SQL for transversal user, the join on usergroup table must be with getEntity(‘usergroup’)
FIX: Import of contact when there is duplicate thirdparties
FIX: Import of socialnetwork field
FIX: input selector is wrong with PRODUCT_LOAD_EXTRAFIELD_INTO_OBJECTLINES usage
FIX: install wizard error management
FIX: just add integer
FIX: Missing $object for online signature link build
FIX: missing quote
FIX: only modify hidden checkbox/multislected extrafields on update if they are provided in request
FIX: php doc
FIX: private message ticket become public if edit action
FIX: remove > 0 and -1
FIX: remove db object to avoid error with postgresql
FIX: Search ambigous field on MO list
FIX: Search on social networks
FIX: Subscription must be stopped when max of attendees reached.
FIX: supplier price update: missing error reporting
FIX: travis & stickler feedbacks
FIX: we must be able to select only bom of a specific product + several fixes on select_bom() function
FIX: wrong perm check
FIX: wrong typo, remove quote
FIX: wrong var typo

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Dolibarr ERP/CRM for evereveryone Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.2