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Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.4 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM accounting

Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 16.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release like Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.4, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 16.0.4 compared to 16.0.3

FIX: Amount of localtax1 and 2 not correctly save on purchase order (the rate was saved instead)
FIX: #20415
FIX: #21280 FIX: #23008
FIX: #22271
FIX: #22524
FIX: #22837
FIX: #22964
FIX: #23012
FIX: #23019 Impossible to add task times to an existing draft invoice
FIX: #23072
FIX: #23087
FIX: #23115 FIX: #23116
FIX: #23281
FIX: #23420 : wrong check on $search_categ value causing FATAL ERROR
FIX: Accountancy – Quadra export
FIX: add border left on image product when conf activated
FIX: Add missing token when deleting template inn order_supplier admin menu
FIX: Amount of localtax1 and 2 not correctly save on purchase order (the
FIX: API access for deactivated users
FIX: bad selection of barcode numbering module
FIX: Can’t see all time spent by all user
FIX: CommonObject – showOptionals – Display blank td when MAIN_VIEW_LINE_NUMBER is enabled and action is confirm_valid
FIX: Documents API inconsistency
FIX: Empty FormSetup emailTemplate type IF empty fieldvalue
FIX: Errors Handling for CreateFrom Hooks
FIX: error with dol_banner_tab, ref is needed
FIX: ExpenseReport card was not reloaded after addline
FIX: #23075
FIX: #23117
FIX: get multicurrency infos of propal when create order from propal with “WORKFLOW_PROPAL_AUTOCREATE_ORDER” conf
FIX: Give predictable order to inventory lines
FIX: include class multicurrency
FIX: methods declaration (backport fix 67b9a7dc07d708231d12b5e58800334d4a01ef98)
FIX: multicurrency_tx and not currency_tx
FIX: on public ticket list, only the page 1 was accessible. Other pages were 404 error.
FIX: PGSQL Integer type does not have a free lenght
FIX: PGSQL Int type does not have a free lenght
FIX: Product list in setup.php in new Module
FIX: propal and order stats broken on Tag+User(retricted customer list)
FIX: saving of numbering module for jobs
FIX: Stickler
FIX: travis
FIX: wrong check on $search_categ value causing fatal error
FIX: wrong stock list with multicompany and without stock sharing

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Dolibarr ERP/CRM accounting