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Dolibarr ERP/CRM V17.0.2 released

Dolibarr bookkeeping

Dolibarr ERP/CRM V17.0.2 released | Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 17.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 17.0.2 compared to 17.0.1

FIX: #24414
FIX: #24798 Deleting member subscription is not possible
FIX: add a test for updating date on task update in tab time consummed pro…
FIX: add charchesociales in security.lib.php
FIX: Add Missing rights check on holiday calendar
FIX: Add the possibility to events owner to check their events from the list when the perm “Read the actions (events or tasks) of others” is not active
FIX: Authorize ‘0’ subprice in supplier proposal line
FIX: avoid error when computed property of extrafields is used
FIX: avoid warnings php8
FIX: Back to cancel on reception creation
FIX: Bad deletion of email when there is several emails processed
FIX: bank account not visible on credit transfer
FIX: Better support for option MAIN_NO_INPUT_PRICE_WITH_TAX
FIX: broken feature : send private message by email
FIX: categorie compatibility with actioncomm
FIX: Click on “NEW” in simple POS was broken
FIX: Compress in xz for better debian old version compatibility
FIX: Correct Evaluation for extrafields
FIX: Count only attendee draft of validated.
FIX: Creation of thumbs when images.lib.php was already included
FIX: delete of warehouse
FIX: deletion of a line of time spent (backport e3aa438d2a582313dfd5178b8cc5975e0c912c25)
FIX: Deployment of external module failed with copy dir error.
FIX: edit field value of url
FIX: error management on emoji and utf8 validity by emailcollector
FIX: expense report autofill ttc input if force ttc conf is enabled
FIX: filter missing id on consumption contact card
FIX: Filter on member status
FIX: Filter status orders in list no invoiced if validated + in progress + delivered
FIX: Fiscal year list ref display
FIX: for empty shipping
FIX: jump to direct record on member search was broken
FIX: label of columns must be short into invoice PDF table
FIX: making search in takepos broken when TAKEPOS_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK is set
FIX: Margin calculation for credit notes on margin reports
FIX: missing checking if file is uploaded
FIX: missing constant and avoid submit button conflict
FIX: missing entity field in unique index (since v16)
FIX: Missing error message display on insertExtrafields()
FIX: missing mrp module dependency
FIX: More complete fix for #24411
FIX: No error message because $price_ht_devise is equal to ‘0’ if not filled because of price2num
FIX: No usage of the function updateProduction in the update function
FIX: On company change, we must reuse the company parameters
FIX: Operator to search category Knowledge
FIX: Pb in install when password start with some special char like !
FIX: pb in sending email when mail contains data src image.
FIX: PDF Font for turkish language
FIX: product notes rights
FIX: Propagate correct origin/origin_id when creating order from proposal
FIX: Propagate extrafields from supplier order to reception
FIX: reassortlot search categorie + add inithooks
FIX: Reception process loose some lines on first error.
FIX: redesign of the function : updateProduction
FIX: ref_client on Project Overview for propale
FIX: reference id in getnomurl function.
FIX: regression Undefined $datepaid
FIX: remove NOTOKENRENOWAL (backport commit v17 7c316229db8060781ee50f4465b1133b5aeef156)
FIX: Remove warning on lettering – Impossible to write in ledger v16 v17 v18
FIX: Report of date of task suggested only if there is tasks
FIX: Rounding on total margin on invoice list
FIX: Search List Select Extrafields with condition
FIX: Search when criteria start with !
FIX: Sending email from attendee list
FIX: Shipping address same third party
FIX: special chars in generated file name from build doc mass action
FIX: supplier invoice status on bank transfer line
FIX: supplier link on bank transfer line
FIX: Task events not displayed
FIX: token errors on public interface
FIX: Transfer between accounts with different currencies was broken
FIX: Update hour of intervention line
FIX: Upload of files on public ticket interface
FIX: Use max parameters of widget graph product distribution
FIX: Warehouse total line
FIX: When salary module is not enabled, bad permission check on user list
FIX: wrong colspan for tasks list

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Dolibarr bookkeeping