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Dolibarr ERP/CRM V18.0.3 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM V18.0.3

Dolibarr ERP/CRM V18.0.3 released | Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 18.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. Specifically Dolibarr ERP/CRM V18.0.3. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 18.0.3 compared to 18.0.2

FIX: #25793 Cannot add time spent (#26405)
FIX: #26100 Ticket – On edit, list of closed project must be excluded (#26223)
FIX: #26170
FIX: #26195 Various payment – List of project excluded those assigned to third parties (#26222)
FIX: #26349 add_customer_ref_on_linked_shipment
FIX: avoid warning + CSRF
FIX: avoid warning if module not activated
FIX: Bad name for trigger in HRM module
FIX: check tva_tx before comparing price_min_ttc (#25220)
FIX: Compare the result of the send mail file function
FIX: dol_eval with function starting with !
FIX: Error handling for computed values on import (#24897)
FIX: Error not returned on sales with takepos and batch module enabled
FIX: error of webhook not returned
FIX: firstname and lastname were not saved in attendee subscription
FIX: HTML in ODT templates (#26181)
FIX: Link to list of movement from the inventory code
FIX: Mass import of stock from a file must accept empty source
FIX: Max version of PHP (#26327)
FIX: missing load group members for ldap synchro (#26167)
FIX: missing project entity filter (Issue #26243) (#26247)
FIX: modification of complementary attributes in invoices (#26180)
FIX: On object validation, ecm index are not updated for uploaded files
FIX: Propal’s negative quantities
FIX: public subscription page should not display acceptation for public register when it is not enabled (#26354)
FIX: regression on rounding stocks fields on product list
FIX: removed a non expected hidden input field in stockatdate page
FIX: src_object_id and ttype not filed when uploading a file with API.
FIX: suggested end for membership can be before subscription start (#26351)
FIX: Supplier card – VAT Reserve Charge – Undefined function isInEEC() (#26379)
FIX: syntax error
FIX: template invoice list extrafield filters (backport v17) (#26227)
FIX: Tooltip for search syntax must not appear on date fields
FIX: upload of files src_object_type
FIX: use event.key instead event.wich to avoid keyboard difference
FIX: Use of line->insert instead of line->create
FIX: user creation when LDAP is configured (#26332)
FIX: Wrong backtopage given for the stocktransfer button from the stocktransfer list (#26271)

You can find the various Dolibarr ERP/CRM software versions (including Dolibarr ERP/CRM V18.0.2) HERE.

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Dolibarr ERP/CRM V18.0.3