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Dolibarr V 11.0.3 released

After the initial release in january, lots of work has been done by the developers to remove bugs and improve the software in general. Thanks to the Dolibarr users who communicated these bugs, the software is getting more stable every time. Now version 11.0.3 has been released. See also other blog messages HERE.

English Dolibarr ChangeLog

ChangeLog for 11.0.3 compared to 11.0.2
FIX: unit price for selected supplier products not set. NaN was used.
FIX: use bad var to check if total is positive for each VAT rate when validating an invoice
FIX: status missing from last customer invoices box when using MAIN_STATUS_USES_CSS
FIX: translations for “orders” not loaded in the homepage box
FIX: #13194
FIX: #13274 cannot add or update 0 value for an int or double extrafield
FIX: #13285 SQL error during migration with pgsql
FIX: #13294
FIX: #13313
FIX: Clone Fourn Command, add line’s extrafields
FIX: cols parameter not propagated to tpl
FIX: CSRF error when creating an intervention
FIX: date order was -1D and desc with label repetition
FIX: empty of series in graph of product distribution
FIX: fk_type subscription list via api REST
FIX: link when using anchor on “/” in website module
FIX: menu export document was not visible when using “simple accounting”
FIX: missing class declaration
FIX: missing global $conf
FIX: Missing token in some forms (avoid unset POST errors)
FIX: params of setEventMessage($langs->trans(‘ErrorProductClone’)…
FIX: Remove unexisting link
FIX: mass action on stock movements
FIX: substitute lines dates values on doc generator (ODT, …)
FIX: Ticket – Load Cache Messages Ticket, wrong message’s status
FIX: Ticket Public – Private messages are displayed
FIX: wrong include – replace extrafields_create.tpl.php to extrafields_add.tpl.php

You can find the various Dolibarr ERP/CRM software versions HERE.