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Dolibarr V 12.0.4 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM V15.0.0

Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 12.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 12.0.4 compared to 12.0.3 (2020-12-13)
FIX: make formConfirm an addreplace-type hook
FIX: regex to remove ‘action’ parameter: taking feedback from PR#15213 into account
FIX: remove ‘action’ parameter from redirect URL when reordering lines on a document
FIX: error when displaying lines on order after adding a line if both MAIN_MULTILANGS and MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_AUTOUPDATE are activated
FIX: on survey creation, entity is always set to 1 ⇒ set it to $conf->entity
FIX: set entity to $conf->entity (instead of 1 by default) when creating a survey; otherwise the survey cannot be listed from the entity it was created on unless it is the main entity
FIX: the stringent XSS protection provided by ‘alphanohtml’ causes problems with some clients who used basic tags (bold, italic, underline) in product labels. Using ‘restricthtml’ instead could be a good compromise.
FIX: third party of object is not always fetched when initiating the e-mail presend action (e.g. from an order)
FIX: when the cronjob ‘params’ field is empty, the cron method is called with one empty string param instead of no params at all
FIX: XSS protection too stringent -> replace ‘alphanohtml’ with ‘restricthtml’
FIX: #13067 including opening balance in calculation of displayed balance
FIX: #14326
FIX: #14649
FIX: #14901
FIX: #14927 Change ContratLigne property type to product_type
FIX: #14979
FIX: #15074
FIX: #15111 Fix special characters output in PDF
FIX: #15161 MO translation conflict
FIX: #15163
FIX: #15199
FIX: #15208
FIX: #15303
FIX: #15365 export of extrafields for user and resources
FIX: #15374 : “New” doesn’t clear total amounts
FIX: #15501
FIX: #15572
FIX: #15590
FIX: #15618
FIX: supplier proposals as linked objects of events are not correctly fetched
FIX: when users create an event from a supplier proposal, the “linked objects” section says “Deleted”
FIX: Accountancy – Some ajustments on length of the account (general & auxiliary)
FIX: admin conf selected
FIX: also check if there is a method $object->fetch_thirdparty() before calling it
FIX: autofocus on first setup
FIX: Bad rigths to send contract
FIX: Better error message with IMAP when connection fails
FIX: Can create user but not update user with activedirectory
FIX: Can receipt of a product that required lot after disabling stock and
FIX: Can’t create shipment for virtual product. Add
FIX: cant empty action comm desc
FIX: CA report by product/service : subcategory filter
FIX: Clean orphan records in llx_ecm_files into repair script.
FIX: default accountancy values and posted values
FIX: Deletion of expensereport + other generated object not complete.
FIX: disabled users must not be available in sales representative list on societe edit mode
FIX: Dol print error : conf usage thirdparty propagate extrafields to
FIX: Don’t display inactive users in birthday box and company card
FIX: empty value is needed on filter list
FIX: enable HTML in product labels depending on conf MAIN_SECURITY_ALLOW_UNSECURED_LABELS_WITH_HTML
FIX: error 500 on cash closure
FIX: excess comma
FIX: Export FEC – Remove line at zero
FIX: extrafield required error after submit
FIX: filter on project list
FIX: force payment mode to withdraw
FIX: formating of prices with foreign languages
FIX: handling $heightforinfotot when he’s superior to a page height
FIX: if no PDF default model in admin for expense report, do not create a PDF
FIX: invoice payment terms edition: error management
FIX: list of fields in list of recurring invoices was empty
FIX: load default linked options for linked sellist extra fields
FIX: Loan – Return on list when you cancel create form or delete a loan
FIX: Missing lang trans
FIX: no empty value in required extrafield
FIX: Param joinfiles not sanitized
FIX: Payment by BankTransfer
FIX: pdf_getlinetotalwithtax must show total incl tax
FIX: Problem on supplier payment card
FIX: product auto volume calculation
FIX: product customer prices: missing triggers in CRUD class
FIX: Request on purchase orders in timeout even on very small databases
FIX: set paid on total discount of a product in cash desk
FIX: several warning with the barcode use in ODT templates
FIX: SHIP MODE install v12 bug insert
FIX: stripe for connect mode
FIX: subcat filter
FIX: supplier invoice: automatically calculate payment term when modifying payment condition
FIX: table making extrafield input too small on advance target mailing
FIX: table making extrafield too small advtagertmailing
FIX: Unable to edit extrafields in expense report
FIX: update margins rates on object line edit
FIX: uses price2numjs
FIX: various payments: bad data handling for subledger account + useless db commit/rollback
FIX: virtual products: displayed value is by unit
FIX: virtual products: supplier discount was not applied in component list
FIX: warning for purchase order delivery late.
FIX: Warning on late purchase order delivery
FIX: wrong tab
FIX: Yogosha report 4425 (backport)
FIX: Yogosha report 4434 (backport)

You can find the various Dolibarr ERP/CRM software versions HERE.