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Dolibarr V14.0.1 released

Dolibarr V14.0.1

Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 14.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 14.0.1 compared to 14.0.0

FIX: Allow disabling of a module (not a dangerous action) even if there is problem with token (due to bugged modules).
FIX: 13.0 – fatal – missing inclusion of ajax.lib.php for calling ajax_autocompleter()
FIX: #17919 pictures in docs.
FIX: #18006
FIX: Accountancy – if we define a date start, automatic binding try to continue to solve old binding
FIX: Accoutancy Limit date payment not registered on purchases operations
FIX: Can’t edit replacement invoice
FIX: deposit can create credit note in payment conf
FIX: division by zero on create
FIX: holiday: balances not updated correctly with pgsql because of case sensitivity field
FIX: holiday: status filter parameter has been renamed but not in links it was used
FIX: List and Create Companies Left Menus
FIX: method exists
FIX: need to add payment sum to getlibstatus function in object linked block
FIX: permission to close a proposal when using advanced permissions
FIX: Problem of z-index with popup and top menu
FIX: same thing on supplier orders
FIX: Status of invoice when making a replacement invoice
FIX: update con
tact birthday alert

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