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Dolibarr V14.0.3 released

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Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 14.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 14.0.3 compared to 14.0.2

FIX: #18698 Supplier invoice list – “alert” checkbox not working
FIX: #18735
FIX: #18767 : Member delete
FIX: #18854
FIX: #18910 : MRP List SQL query syntax error with more than one extrafileds.
FIX: Accountancy – Format Quadra export – Missing line type C to create automaticly a subledger account with label
FIX: Accountancy – Missing specific filename for export on format FEC2, Ciel & repare it
FIX: Accountancy – Option of export popup are inverted
FIX: Accountancy – Some correction on export name
FIX: Accountancy – Trunc code_journal to 2 in format XIMPORT (Ciel, Sage50)
FIX: add warehouse in projects’ overview count
FIX: autocalculation of the supplier price in main currency.
FIX: avoid warning if $categories is an id
FIX: Bad use of a forced contact of another company on PDF/ODT documents
FIX: Button text on proposal card to create a invoice
FIX: calculateCosts of BOM must not be included into fetch
FIX: check if greater 0
FIX: default language defined for IN country
FIX: fetch of product with modulebuilder load too much data
FIX: Filter on categories
FIX: indentation
FIX: init hookmanager after loading $conf values
FIX: legal issue on expense report pdf (must also show price without tax)
FIX: missing filter status=1 on rss feeds
FIX: move fetch_optionnal into $ac_static->fetch()
FIX: payment using wrong type in takepos when too many payment mode
FIX: Product accountancy affectation with product_perentity activated (PR #18620)
FIX: products/services card: hidden extrafields were overridden
FIX: Propal list – Problem of pagination on date
FIX: selected lines on supplier invoice create
FIX: Selection of type “people” for membership must hide the company
FIX: select list of orders not complete when field type of company is on
FIX: support of localtax on expense report
FIX: task time: can’t filter by user with pgsql + show error message
FIX: task time: keep on using natural_search
FIX: Test when date of invoie is in future (pb with TZ and offset)
FIX: translation into email for member at membership validation.
FIX: unprivileged user can see task associated with a not allowed project
FIX: user without permission can set ticket subject

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