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Dolibarr V15.0.0 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM V15.0.0

Dolibarr ERP/CRM V15.0.0 has been released. The dolibarr association is pleased to announce the release of Version branch 15.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM ! (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 15.0.0 compared to 14.0.0

NEW: Online proposal signature
NEW: Can define some max limit on expense report (per period, per type or expense, …)
NEW: Allow the use of NEWREF to get for example the new reference a draft order will get after validation.
NEW: Add option to disable globaly some notifications emails.
NEW: #18401 Add NEWREF subtitute to get new object reference.
NEW: #18403 Add URL_SHIPMENT substitute to get the URL of a shipment
NEW: #18689 REST API module: add api key generate / modify permission.
NEW: #18663 Make “L’Annuaire des Entreprises” the default provider for SIREN verification for French thirdparties.
NEW: #18046 Add tags on ticket/categories
NEW: #18326 Workflow: Close order on shipment closing.
NEW: #18770 Can enter the buying price (for Weighted Average Price update) on lines during the reception step
NEW: #18814 Add legal form for Sweden
NEW: #18820 Accountancy – Add product account in import/export of thirdparty (level 3)
NEW: Accountancy – Format FEC/FEC2 – Add column NumFacture
NEW: Add $dolibarr_main_db_readonly in conf.php for readonly access.
NEW: add auto creation of agenda event on supplier_order cancellation
NEW: Add a PDF document template for Manufacturing Orders
NEW: Add budget field into task #18986
NEW: add cancel button to classify reception form on supplier_orders
NEW: Added address field into contacts list
NEW: Added documents page and send mail possibility in payments
NEW: Add edit option in propal
NEW: Added linked files page and send mail possibility in payments
NEW: Add field date from/to in customer and supplier payment list
NEW: Add filter from date to date into action/evt list
NEW: Add import / export of MO and BOMLines – Close #18499
NEW: Adding accounting export model for iSuite Expert
NEW: add link to an element by ref
NEW: add missing printFieldListFrom hook call on several lists
NEW: add MRP into Object Linked Box
NEW: Add option to hide customer code on PDF documents
NEW: Add param $nolog to avoid logging into dol_delete_recursive_dir()
NEW: Add sale representative in order and invoice list
NEW: add a setting to create PDF in PDF/A – 1b format #18990
NEW: Add SOCIETE_SHOW_VAT_IN_LIST to display VAT number in combo list of thirdparties
NEW: Add sortorder on units list
NEW: Adds PDF_HIDE_PRODUCT_LABEL_IN_SUPPLIER_LINES to hide product label in supplier order lines
NEW: Add STOCK_MOVEMENT_LIST_HIDE_UNIT_PRICE to hide unit price on some pages
NEW: add support for zstd compression
NEW: Allow drag and drop on kits
NEW: Allow exporting supplier order validation date + validation user
NEW: Allows product ref generation after the form is validated with PRODUCT_GENERATE_REF_AFTER_FORM
NEW: autocomplete account group when editing an account card
NEW: Auto create invoice for payment done on an order with online payment link of order
NEW: Can edit fields of proposal when proposal is not yet signed
NEW: Can edit the translation key of an overwrote translation key.
NEW: can enable/disable external calendar by default
NEW: Can hide sender name on PDF documents
NEW: Can select lot from a combo list of existing batch numbers (in MRP consumtion)
NEW: Can set the default BOM on a product
NEW: Can set/unset the usual working day of the week (friday, saturday, sunday)
NEW: Can show progression of task into combo list of tasks
NEW: can upload the odt file for the product doc template
NEW: Contract – Add From/to input on search date
NEW: Customer Display with TakePOS
NEW: Split Sale in TakePOS
NEW: Customer invoice template list – Add input date from/to
NEW: date filter on project list and task list From->To
NEW: display shipping method and tracking url on shipment list
NEW: expense reports: conf to force amounts to be entered only including taxes
NEW: expense reports: conf to pre-fill start/end dates with bounds of current month
NEW: expense reports: show link to already existing overlapping expense report
NEW: expense reports: can make project field mandatory on lines
NEW: Expose bank account holder, label and number
NEW: feature #18986
NEW: field and behavior in product object
NEW: generate intervention from time spent
NEW: holiday: handle monthly balance updates with cronjob
NEW: HRM integration, source code
NEW: HRM admin – Add tabs
NEW: HRM – Include more options to manage/custom dashboard
NEW: Increase size of params of actions for emailcollector
NEW: Invoice list – Use complete country select field with EEC or not
NEW: mass action delete, no more break if at least one object has child
NEW: mass action paid on customer invoice list
NEW: massaction validate on supplier orders list
NEW: Mass action send email to all attendees of an event.
NEW: expense reports: conf to pre-fill start/end dates with bounds of current month
NEW: Option “Add a link on the PDF to make the online payment”
NEW: More options to generate PDF (show Frame option, width of picture option)
NEW: Preview of pdf files of expense report lines
NEW: print without details
NEW: project time spent: conf to prevent recording time after X months
NEW: rewrite bind accountancy code finding on customer and sales invoice
NEW: Societe – Add perentity functionality on customer/supplier accountancy auxiliary account
NEW: Survey – Add a clickable link in email send
NEW: Social Contributions – Add from/to filter on list
NEW: Supplier order and proposal – Add From/to input on search date
NEW: Task – Add From/to input on search date
NEW: The Anti-CSRF protection MAIN_SECURITY_CSRF_WITH_TOKEN is on to value 1 by default
NEW: Update SQL : install and migration
NEW: Use an ajax call for the clicktodial feature instead of href link.
NEW: when multiple order linked to facture, show list into note.
NEW: when we delete several objects with massaction, if somes object has child we must see which objects are concerned and nevertheless delete objects which can be deleted
NEW: Editing a page in website module keep old page with name .back
NEW: External backups can be downloaded from the “About info page”.
NEW: Add massaction to switch status on sale / on purchase of a product.

NEW: Stable module Knowledge Management
NEW: Experimental module Event Organization Management
NEW: Experimental module Workstations Management
NEW: Development of module Partnership Management

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