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Dolibarr V15.0.2 released

Dolibarr V14.0.1

Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 15.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 15.0.2 compared to 15.0.1

ChangeLog for 15.0.2 compared to 15.0.1

FIX: #19777 #20281
FIX: #20140 #20301
FIX: #20279 Accountancy – PostGreSQL – Error on mass update lines already binded
FIX: #20476 migration postgresql 14.0.x to 15.0.x packaging type
FIX: #20733 Inventory: Do not use batch qty even if present if batch module is disabled.
FIX: action comm list: holiday last day not included + handle duration with halfdays
FIX: Add missing entity on salary’s payment
FIX: Add ‘recruitment’ into check array
FIX: add tools to fix bad bank amount in accounting with multicurrency
FIX: assign member cateogry to a member
FIX: backport
FIX: bad bank amount in accounting with multicurrency
FIX: Bad condition on remx
FIX: Bad filter on date on salary list
FIX: bad link to add a customer price (token duplicated)
FIX: bad status of member on widget by type and status
FIX: better error management at product selling price update
FIX: Can’t edit bank record
FIX: check mandatory thirdparty fields for mass action
FIX: check thirdparty object loaded and properties exist
FIX: comment
FIX: compatibility for ticket number sharing
FIX: compatibility with multicompany sharings
FIX: contact card: single extrafield update failed
FIX: country not visible into list of states
FIX: Delete an extrafield where type is double
FIX: deprecated module are not more viewed as external modules
FIX: Disable customer type by default if type prospect/customer is disabled
FIX: each time we create a supplier order, we need to give it a ref_supplier
FIX: Error management
FIX: fatal error for $db usage in tpl
FIX: filter into the list of product lots
FIX: Filter on Object Referent page give CRSF page
FIX: Fix default options ($hidedetails, $hidedesc, $hideref) with globales when generate PDF in mass actions
FIX: Fix search by filters
FIX: Fix the adding of lines in the create invoice functions
FIX: forgotten form confirm before various payment delete
FIX: holiday/leave requests: write status change emails in HTML
FIX: include discount price for PMP after a reception (Issue #20029)
FIX: incrementation
FIX: in salary stats and payment list, we must check right perms as well as salary list
FIX: intervention entity missing
FIX: label tax cat trad
FIX: Mass action ship orders
FIX: missing advanced perms
FIX: missing call to executeHooks()
FIX: Missing entity on adding new VAT
FIX: missing hook for row ordering
FIX: missing hook parameter ($possiblelinks)
FIX: missing parenthesis
FIX: missing picto in combo of mass actions of thirdparties.
FIX: missing signature library when ODT model is used
FIX: Missing unset fields after updateline expensereport
FIX: ModuileBuilder – Fix getLinesArray() error reporting
FIX: Move delete task time trigger position
FIX: Navigation between invoices
FIX: No empty line inserted into accounting_bookkeeping
FIX: Numbering of sepa files
FIX: object cloning: set unique extrafield values to null to prevent duplicates
FIX: on update with action reminder in future there is user key error
FIX: originproductline array td identification data-id
FIX: out of memory when more than 100 000 invoices.
FIX: permit access to medias when logged in a different entity
FIX: phpcs
FIX: project creation prevented if PROJECTLEADER contact role renamed, de-activated or deleted
FIX: project timesheet by week: cleanup unused code
FIX: project timesheet: public holidays offset by 1 day
FIX: project timesheets: assume Saturday and Sunday as default weekend days when working days conf is empty or badly formed
FIX: propal list: bad error management when setting “not signed” mass action
FIX: propal list mass action translations and error management (v14 edition)
FIX: propal list: missing not signed massaction translation keys for transifex
FIX: PR returns
FIX: ref_client doesn’t exists on supplier invoice, then ref_fourn needs to have a default value when we want to bill several supplier orders
FIX: replenish and manage product stock by warhouse
FIX: sending email on payment of registration of event
FIX: SEPA ICS is not mandatory for bank transfer
FIX: Set datec when add time spent on a project task
FIX: status filter on supplierOrder stats doesn’t work
FIX: stickler-ci
FIX: still prevent project creation if PROJECTLEADER role unavailable, but with a specific error message
FIX: Supplier order stats
FIX: Tabulation must be allowed for HTML content
FIX: tool to fix bank account not in main currency for vendor invoice
FIX: translations
FIX: Travis + Update dev
FIX: truncate Customer Reference too long on PDF header (PR #20718)
FIX: uniformize code
FIX: Update of sale price (log not correctly updated)
FIX: user actions rights when mulit-company transverse mode is enabled
FIX: user employee tab: offset in open days messes up holiday length calculation
FIX: We need to have a different default_ref_supplier for each new fourn invoice
FIX: “WHERE” clause missing on resource export
FIX: #yogosha9754

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