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Dolibarr V15.0.3 released

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Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 15.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

ChangeLog for 15.0.3 compared to 15.0.2

FIX: 15.0: modules cannot declare more than 1 cron job using the same method with different parameters
FIX: 15 fix graph ficheinter status
FIX: #18704
FIX: #20444
FIX: #20448 missing preg_replace for vat rate when adding a free line
FIX: #20476 migration postgresql 13.0.x to 14.0.x packaging type
FIX: #20487 missing letter D in constant THIRDPARTIES_DISABLE_RELATED_…
FIX: #20487 missing letter D in constant THIRDPARTIES_DISABLE_RELATED_OBJECT_TAB
FIX: #20527 Accountancy – Unbalanced entry proposed when an employee are declared on a social contribution
FIX: #20527 Accountancy Unbalanced entry proposed when an employee are declared on social contribution
FIX: #20621 signature online with proposal with n page.
FIX: #20696
FIX: #20828
FIX: #20886 : manage durations in list_print_total.tpl.php
FIX: #20902
FIX: #21051
FIX: #21093
FIX: #21138
FIX: #21140
FIX: #21174
FIX: #21323
FIX: #21472 On the bank transfer lists, a change of page switches to the lists of the direct debit module
FIX: #21495
FIX: #21518
FIX: Accountancy – Label of VAT account is empty
FIX: Accountancy – Model account list – Problem of CSRF
FIX: Accountancy – Partitioning of the entity on an automatic binding
FIX: add missing thead, th and id on table
FIX: backport commit 5b3fcc5e43979b1b0789bf81fb8f1b2b59c93056, chkbxlst cannot be emptied
FIX: Bank account not set when creating invoice from order
FIX: Bank transfer – Link on code supplier invoice was bad
FIX: Can convert a partially closed down payment when close for
FIX: class center linkedObjectblock order date
FIX: count elements in invoice list (Issue #21444)
FIX: Customer price non numeric warning when 0 vat.
FIX: errors in getLinesArray()
FIX: False alert of WAF when there is “set” into some URL action=update.
FIX: Intervention graph by status on ficheinter Index page
FIX: Intervention url link into Commerce index
FIX: Fix get origin from other than supplier proposal when add a new supplier proposal
FIX: Fix show errors in card
FIX: fourn/commande/card.php Added “$object” parameter to $formfile->showdocuments call
FIX: french traductions for payment methods
FIX: hook for dol_format_address
FIX: Index page for “Sales” give wrong URL link to Intervention
FIX: issue Dolibarr#21495 for v15
FIX: label and get_substitutionarray_each_var_object on ODT generation
FIX: load product stock in inventory lines
FIX: missing morecss for multiselectarray
FIX: missins time spent list menu
FIX: new member subscription: bank account and payment mode might be hidden
FIX: ODT generation of BOM document
FIX: ODT tags for subobjects {object_subobject_yyy} was not working.
FIX: qty received label in Squille PDF model
FIX: rank duplicate on mass action invoice from multiple orders
FIX: regression + add $forceentity parameter
FIX: regression PR #20713
FIX: security breach if we have same ref number in multiple entities
FIX: selection of type of invoice
FIX: Send remind to pay invoice only on validated invoices
FIX: Show sellist type of extrafield when none category selected
FIX: signature online with proposal with n page.
FIX: sql order
FIX: trash icon on crontask list to do not work
FIX: v15 linked object block center order date
FIX: Warning on attribut
FIX: We must remove empty values of $features array in fetchByProductCombination2ValuePairs() because some products can use only several attributes in their variations and not necessarily all. In this case, fetch doesn’t work without my correction
FIX: with callback function
FIX: xml file for company with special chars in name
FIX: Zatca QR code must use company name/vat

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