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Dolibarr ERP/CRM V16.0.1 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Maintenance releases only contain bug fixes found in the branch of the version. We recommend that everyone use a version of the 16.0 series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version of the series. As with any maintenance release, there are no new features or changes to the data structure in this version (see ChangeLog for a complete list of solutions). See also other blog messages HERE.

***** ChangeLog for 16.0.1 compared to 16.0.0 *****

FIX: #16476 on massaction the pdf generation is not using the t…
FIX: #21416 Filter tag no-categorie in members
FIX: #21543
FIX: #21799 inactive companies shall not be selectable for new proposals, orders and invoices
FIX: #21859 Don’t show html balise on list for private/public note
FIX: #22164
FIX: #22241
FIX: #22263 Accountancy – Account number expected in place of a rowid on parent account on export
FIX: #22264 Accountancy – Translation on chart of accounts export
FIX: #22265 Accountancy – Account number expected in place of a rowid on export
FIX: #22334
FIX: #22360
FIX: #22379 creating events on supplier order
FIX: #22382 Error on length of supplier reference
FIX: #22386 IBAN not mandatory for International Export Countries
FIX: #22440 Lang Key “UserAccountNotDefined” is missing
FIX: #22482
FIX: #22507
FIX: Accountancy – Some manuals operations are displayed in subledger
FIX: API reception return error 500
FIX: avoid override initial message ($this instead $object)
FIX: avoid some warnings (php8+)
FIX: Bad backtopage and CSRF on link for ticket message
FIX: bad closing select
FIX: broken feature, wrong fk_parent_line after cloning object
FIX: Column label
FIX: compatibility if javascript not actived
FIX: compatibility with Mysql <= 5.7
FIX: contact deletion: execute trigger before really deleting
FIX: CronJob sendBackup
FIX: CSRF + lost value of constant after use save button
FIX: data integrity for llx_delivery table
FIX: default value for partnership status
FIX: deletion of the MO_CHILD link
FIX: Dictionary – Display error on cache_vatrates
FIX: #16476 version 2a
FIX: Duplicate creation of invoice when closing shipment linked to order
FIX: Duplicate in list when filtering on categories
FIX: extrafields with value ‘0’ was ”
FIX: filters lost when sorting on productMargin and customerMargins
FIX: fk_expedition in $line can be usefull for triggers
FIX: Import in upgrade when using a socialnetwork field.
FIX: input hidden with fk_product of line on mo production can be usefull
FIX: inventory code must be different at each transation
FIX: inventory total columns
FIX: Issue #16476 on massaction the pdf generation is not using the thirdparty language settings
FIX: Linked object agenda card
FIX: missing check if category module is enabled
FIX: missing check if incoice as a payment (wrong status)
FIX: missing class “societe” when create another object with workflow
FIX: missing error message if image size too large
FIX: Missing reposition
FIX: missing the management of a constant in the Ticket config
FIX: Missing token in different URLs links
FIX: @ must be allowed into dol_eval to allow rules including external module string ‘abc@def’
FIX: – php V8 get number doc saphir
FIX: – php V8 propal index last draft
FIX: Preview button position on documents list (case when the file is too long)
FIX: Project – on global view, missing display of ref customer
FIX: Protection against bad value into accurancy setup
FIX: reading of trackid in emailcollector (when on recipient suffix)
FIX: recruitment linked files
FIX: Remove use of code we should not have
FIX: Rich text is not diplayed
FIX: same thing in deleteline
FIX: Supplier Reference is lost when page breaks
FIX: support of array parameters in “add to bookmark” feature.
FIX: Test that web dir is correct in install
FIX: the shipment PDF was using the full size logo instead of small
FIX: Token Error : delete stock transfer
FIX: ToOfferALinkForOnlinePayment not translated
FIX: tooltip of technical tables added of a module
FIX: wrong result check when update expensereport line

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