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Dolibarr V16.0 released

dolibarr 16.0

The dolibarr association is pleased to announce the release of Version branch 16.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM !
Version 16 (Dolibarr V16.0 released) is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on our download mirror on sourceforge. A lot of major features were introduced into this version.
For a detailed list of changes, you can take a look at the the ChangeLog. See also other blog messages HERE.

For users:

ChangeLog for 16.0.0 compared to 15.0.0
NEW: PHP 8.1 compatibility:
Warning: Application works correctly with PHP8 and 8.1 but you may experience a lot of PHP warning into the PHP server log files (depending
on the PHP setup). Removal of all PHP warnings on server side is planned for v17.
NEW: Support for recurring purchase invoices.
NEW: #20292 Include German public holidays
NEW: Can show ZATCA QRCode on PDFs
NEW: Can show Swiss QR Code on PDFs
NEW: #17123 added ExtraFields for Stock Mouvement
NEW: #20609 : new massaction to assign a sale representatives on a selection of thirdparties
NEW: #20653 edit discount pourcentage for all lines in one shot
NEW: Accept ‘auto’ for ref of object on import of purchase order/proposal
NEW: Accountancy – Add more filters and info on page to bind accounting accounts
NEW: Accountancy – Add subledger account when we generate a transaction with a deposit invoice
NEW: Accountancy – Add a massaction to preselect an account (customer and supplier list)
NEW: ACE Editor is restored at same cursor position after a save.
NEW: Add “addMoreActionsButtons” hook to subscription form
NEW: Add an option in GUI to show a Quick add button into top menu bar
NEW: Module Recruitment – Add a public page with all list of open job positions.
NEW: Module Recruitment – Add a tab with list of application on the jobposition file.
NEW: Add a workflow to auto link contract on a ticket
NEW: Add column date of Signature on proposal list
NEW: Add column template invoice in invoice list
NEW: Add column “Total HT” to products array on document creation card
NEW: ADD configuration for text color of button action
NEW: Add constant to hide categories in TakePos
NEW: Add constant to show category description in TakePos
NEW: Add constant to show only the products in stock in TakePos
NEW: Add entity filter in exports
NEW: Show the event block on recurring invoices #20870
NEW: Add filter “opportunity status” on statistics of projects.
NEW: Add firstname, lastname and max number of attendees for module “Event Organization”
NEW: add margin info in proposal and order list
NEW: Add massaction “Edit Extrafield” for Product
NEW: Add more fields to detect duplicate during import of thirdparties
NEW: Add option to foce delivery on email for purchase order receipt to yes
NEW: Add param boder table for md theme
NEW: Add param color button action
NEW: Add possibility to create contract from invoice
NEW: Add possibility with constant MAIN_LOGIN_BADCHARUNAUTHORIZED to define bad character unauthorized into login name
NEW: Add private and public notes on tax files.
NEW: Add status “Obsolete” to KM articles
NEW: Add substitutions “user numbers”
NEW: Add the possibility to add sub-BOMs to BOM
NEW: allow a ticket to be automatically marked as read when created from backend.
NEW: allow cut&paste as real numeric value to excel
NEW: A public form to send a message and create a lead is available
NEW: automatically set totally received status in reception
NEW: Auto set invoice paid when adding credit not and remain to pay is 0
NEW: Availibility dictionnary has a new column unit and number
NEW: barcode rule to insert product in takepos
NEW: Can change value of AWP during the inventory
NEW: Can enter price with tax for predefined products on purchase objects
NEW: Can filter on a thirdparty on product statistics
NEW: Can removed doc templates from setup page of thirdparty
NEW: Can set the parent company during the creation of thirdparty (action=add of societe/card.php)
NEW: Can use ! to make a search that exclude a string
NEW: Change in theme colors does not need to use the refresh button
NEW: clean values and amount in FEC import
NEW: const MAIL_MASS_ACTION_ADD_LAST_IF_MAIN_DOC_NOT_FOUND for mailing mass action
NEW: Contact filter project list
NEW: Create contract from invoice
NEW: create third-party with contact if not found on public ticket
NEW: Default value for MAIN_SECURITY_CSRF_WITH_TOKEN is now 2 (GET are also protected agains CSRF attacks)
NEW: deposit payment terms: add field into dictionary admin page to define default percentage of deposit.
NEW: Dictionaries – add possibility to manage countries in EEC
NEW: display errors in a message box after generating documents
NEW: Display physical and virtual stock of the products when creating OF from a BOM
NEW: Display product ref in “Object link” product tab for BOM
NEW: Enhance the import. Can use ‘auto’ for the ref (import of orders)
NEW: Events on Proposal to Return to Draft
NEW: Page to list expense report payments
NEW: JS inventory autocalc input
NEW: language support for more emailing target selectors
NEW: leave requests: add field into type dictionary to block request if balance is negative
NEW: MAIN_MAIL_AUTOCOPY_TO can accept several email and special keys
NEW: MAIN_SEARCH_CAT_OR_BY_DEFAULT const for search by category
NEW: Mass action “Close shipments”
NEW: Module website now supports the multicompany module
NEW: More mode for THEME_TOPMENU_DISABLE_IMAGE (2, 3, …)
NEW: Add option to move checkbox column as first column on Thirdparty list (only few screens)
NEW: Add tabs for nets Bom
NEW: on redirect of page in website module, GET parameters are kept.
NEW: optional display warning icons on ticket list
NEW: option to default check “notify tier at creation” in ticket module
NEW: option update prices on proposal cloning
NEW: payment conditions enabling semi-automatic deposit creation (Issue #18439)
NEW: possibility to consume multiple batch
NEW: Reverse movement product consumption
NEW: Send email to the supplier order contact
NEW: New permission to report time on timesheet.
NEW: SEPA XML – option to place payment Type Info at Credit transfer Transaction level
NEW: Show number of votes into the label of tab “Results” of a survey
NEW: Show product reference in Takepos
NEW: Some core tables are created only at module activation
NEW: split consumption line on MO
NEW: stock filter in reassort lists
NEW: stock limit in stock export CSV
NEW: Sub-bom are availables
NEW: Supplier order – Show ref supplier of reception in linked object block
NEW: support user_modif in order
NEW: TakePos – pagination on search results
NEW: The backup tools has an “lowmemory” option for mysqldump on large database
NEW: The ‘reposition’ class works on ajax constantonoff that make redirects
NEW: Thirdparty – Add rules “customer accountancy code” is mandatory to validate invoice
NEW: thumbnail field in product list
NEW: total mark rate in list
NEW: uncheck “send message” by default on a ticket when private messages has been checked
NEW: VAT Report by month – Show detail by rate and also by code
NEW: Ticket triggers: allow to automatically send messages on new tickets
NEW: Accountancy – Add hidden feature for accounting reconciliation
NEW: Can store the session into database (instead of beeing managed by PHP)
NEW: Added MMK currency (Myanmar Kyat)
NEW: On a form to send an email, we show all emails of contacts of object

NEW: Module Partnership Management
NEW: Module Event Organization Management

For developers or integrators Dolibarr V16.0 released:

NEW: dol_uncompress() supports more extensions (.gz, .bz2, .zstd). Only .zip was supported before.
NEW: Implement a generic method for Kaban views
NEW: Upgrade chartjs library to 3.7.1
NEW: update rank line is possible on API for customer invoices, sales orders and supplier invoice
NEW: stripe element with more gateways
NEW: solde() function evolution to be able to get solde until a chosen date
NEW: Suggest a way to run upgrade per entities.
NEW: Support html content for multiselect component.
NEW: ModuleBuilder – Add tabs view in module builder
NEW: ModuleBuilder – More feature that can be modifed after module generation
NEW: Hook getNomUrl available everywhere in tooltip of ref links
NEW: Identification of tr is possible with by attribute data-id on some pages
NEW: Import with select boxes V2
NEW: Can update rank of invoice, proposal and order lines with API update
NEW: Can use current entity filter on ‘chkbxlst’
NEW: Creation of the function select_bom() used to display bom select list
NEW: add printFieldListWhere hook in product reassort card
NEW: Add trigger and event on completely received status change
NEW: Add utility function send backup by mail
NEW: add WordPress OAuth to save a token (not SSO)
NEW: A module can embed a sql script run at each Dolibarr upgrade
NEW: API Proposals – Add POST lines
NEW: API REST filter states by country
NEW: Add option MAIN_API_DEBUG to save API logs into a file
NEW: Add param to keep the robot=index meta tag on public pages
NEW: Add method hintindex() in database handlers.
NEW: add modifications for new function “$db->prefix()”
NEW: addMoreActionsButtonsList hook for button in list
NEW: Add API to get a template invoice
NEW: Standardize a lot of code.
NEW: #20736 Allow extrafields SQL filters on REST API product lookup
NEW: #19294 implement detailed timespent in task of project API
NEW: Add a protection into PHPunit to avoid to forget a var_dump
NEW: Add datem and type parameters to API to create movements
NEW: Add hidden option on contract PDF line to hide qty and price
NEW: Option MAIL_MASS_ACTION_ADD_LAST_IF_MAIN_DOC_NOT_FOUND to send last document in mass mailing action
NEW: Add hooks: selectContactListWhere hook, selectThirdpartyListWhere hook
NEW: TakePos – add hooks complete product display
NEW: TakePos – add hooks for cart display
NEW: TakePos – add hooks to complete ajax return array
NEW: Add hook before the public ticket list
NEW: Add hook doaction in takepos invoice
NEW: Add Hook for Notif
NEW: Add hook for more buttons
NEW: Add hook printFieldListWhere in “show_contacts” function
NEW: Add hook printFieldWhere in load_state_board function
NEW: Add hooks contact tab badge and hooks parameter for avoid conflicts
NEW: Add hook selectProductsListWhere in select_produits_list function
NEW: Add hooks in commercial index
NEW: Add hooks in customers and products boxes
NEW: Add hooks in thirdparty index page
NEW: Add hooks on project task time page
NEW: Add hooks on salaries and sociales card
NEW: Add hooks select product list and select thirdparty list function
NEW: Add hook to getSellPrice function

Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:

  • There is a new specific permission to be allowed to enter timesheets. If you use timesheet, don’t forget to give the new permission (disable and
    enable the module project if it is not visible).
  • The default value for MAIN_SECURITY_CSRF_WITH_TOKEN has been set to 2. It means any POST and any GET request that contains the “action” or “massaction”
    with a value of a sensitive action must also a valid token parameter (With previous value 1, only POST was concerned). Note: With value 3, any URL
    with parameter “action” or “massaction” need the token, whatever is the value of the action.
  • verifCond(‘stringtoevaluate’) now return false when string contains a bad syntax content instead of true.
  • The deprecated method thirdparty_doc_create() has been removed. You can use the generateDocument() instead.
  • All triggers with a name XXX_UPDATE have been renamed with name XXX_MODIFY for code consistency purpose.
  • Rename build_path_from_id_categ() into buildPathFromId() and set method to private.
  • Move massaction ‘confirm_createbills’ from to commande/list.php
  • Method fetch_all_resources(), fetch_all_used(), fetch_all_available() of DolResource has been removed (they were not used by core code).
  • Method fetch_all of DolResource has been renamed into fetchAll() to match naming conventions.
  • The hook ‘upgrade’ and ‘doUpgrade2″ has been renamed ‘doUpgradeBefore’ and ‘doUpgradeAfterDB’. A new trigger ‘doUpgradeAfterFiles’ has been introduced.
  • The context hook ‘suppliercard’ when on the supplier tab of a thirdparty has been renamed into ‘thirdpartysupplier’

ou can find the various Dolibarr ERP/CRM software versions HERE.