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Dolibarr V19.0 released

Dolibarr V19.0 released

Dolibarr V19.0 released. The Dolibarr association is pleased to announce the release of Version branch 19.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM !
Version 19 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on our download mirror on sourceforge. A lot of major features were introduced into this version.
For a detailed list of changes, you can take a look at the the ChangeLog. See also other blog messages HERE.

For users:

NEW: Compatibility with PHP 8.2
NEW: Module Workstation (used to enhance the module BOM and Manufacturing Order) is now stable
NEW: Add a confirmation popup when deleting extrafields
NEW: Add type ‘icon’ type for extrafields
NEW: Close #20930 Use ajax for state loading after country change
NEW: #23331 Add support for parent projects (#24856)
NEW: #22531 Expense report – Add two fields into export : Qty & Unit price (excl.) (#26309)
NEW: #22626 date filter thirdparties contracts projects (#22707)
NEW: #24085 Add the Project filter
NEW: #25312 Support extrafields in selectForForms
NEW: #26312 Manage intermediate BIC – SQL Part (#26325)
NEW: Accountancy – Add quick navigation with keyboard shortcut on ledger (#26221)
NEW: Accountancy – FEC/FEC2 format export with attachments (#26192)
NEW: Accountancy – Option to choose length of lettering code
NEW: Add a button to create a product or a service from an order or an invoice (#26173)
NEW: Add a button to re-encrypt data of a dolcrypt extrafield password
NEW: Add a CLI tool to regenerate all documents
NEW: Add a goto url from smartphone search page
NEW: Add all id prof checker on thirdparty for code compta customer and supplier
NEW: add and list external contributors on ticket public interface
NEW: Add a protection on purgeFiles
NEW: Add a public page to list all open surveys
NEW: Add chart of accounts PCG08-PYME-CAT for ES in catalan language
NEW: add constant to check if qty shipped not greater than qty ordered
NEW: Add context for the movement stock (role toconsume/toproduce) on mrp
NEW: Add contract link on ticket
NEW: Add culum Technical ID in list of details lines of an order (#26164)
NEW: ADD: custom compute for exports
NEW: Add custom Text on footer total (#26334)
NEW: Add different picto for each type of extrafields (date, string, …)
NEW: Add edit line on MO (#26122)
NEW: Added notification on closed intervention
NEW: Added of a popup on validation instead of a database fielld to know if the user wants to include subwarehouse
NEW: Added of the field “include_sub_warehouse” in the table “llx_inventory”
NEW: Added total line to third-parties list (#26148)
NEW: Added VAT free & VAT amounts on payment input
NEW: Add ext payment system ID in the payment page with link to Stripe
NEW: Add field TechnicalID in list of users
NEW: Add filter on status of line of a dictionary
NEW: Add get_substitutionarray_other() on shipping odt (#25080)
NEW: add IdProfCheck on thirdparty for BE (
NEW: Add index on prelevement_demande
NEW: Add invoice subtype in customer invoice (#26543) and template invoice (SQL part) (#26535)
NEW: Add label to price level when changing price (#26240)
NEW: Add modifications of template invoices into agenda
NEW: Add more company informations (ProfId7 to 10) (#25266)
NEW: Add more information to holiday mailings (#25461)
NEW: Add more param on fetch() to prepare perf optimization
NEW: Add more tables activated by module activation only
NEW: Add new field into $fields array + Creation of the function getChildWarehouse()
NEW: Add option for cancel consumed and produced lines (delete lines and rollback stocks) when delete or cancel an manufacturing order (#26254)
NEW: Add option in PDF for purchase order and quotation to hide prices
NEW: Add option TAKEPOS_HIDE_PRODUCT_PRICES to hide prices in TakePOS
NEW: add order supplier submit notif
NEW: add parent product column on list
NEW: Add picto in product/service list in object lines (#25511)
NEW: Add possibility to choose separator #21426
NEW: Add preselected update keys attribute to import class and select it by default if filled
NEW: add product barcode on stock exports
NEW: Add recurring behaviour
NEW: add recursive deletion option for child m os (#26102)
NEW: Add refactoring user permission (#26162)
NEW: add sorting of product price list by customer (#26483)
NEW: Add tab Events/Agenda on recurring invoices
NEW: Add the formEditObjectLine hook on commande card and invoice card
NEW: Add the picto phone of thirdparty on the kanban view of projects
NEW: Add the status of partnership to select partnership for emailing
NEW: add Ticket tab on contract
NEW: agenda per user use quarter hour split instead of half hour split
NEW: Allow generation of delivery note through REST-API (#26226)
NEW: Allow sync of currency rates with currency layer by default.
NEW: Allow to have products not managed in stocks – SQL Part (#26190)
NEW: Assign contact to a ticket message (#24735)
NEW: Better protection against reserved words
NEW: billing on shipment+reception. Can be done before or after delivery.
NEW: can edit bomline workstation
NEW: Can edit both the Test and Live stripe customer account on payment
NEW: Can include product variants in list of products
NEW: Can manage ODT documents for groups of users.
NEW: Can modify the picto into modulebuilder
NEW: Can restore product in stock when deleting the supplier invoice
NEW: Can see the favicon file into setup of properties of a website
NEW: Can switch product batch management to no management. (#21691)
NEW: Can upload/delete ODT template for project and tasks
NEW: chart of accounts ES PCG08-PYME-CAT in catalan language
NEW: clone skill object (#26526)
NEW: close notification for interventions
NEW: column in table prelevement_lignes for fk_user (#26196)
NEW: CONF allow modify ticket classification even if closed
NEW: conf to display date entry stock exped and sort in date order (#22625)
NEW: create a product from a free line in a document (#22324)
NEW: customize position in complete_head_from_modules (#26406)
NEW: Date d’entree en stock sur les exped au moment de la création
NEW: Date field for shipment export (#25574)
NEW: Date format dayhoursec is using year on 2 char on smartphones
NEW: Default customer, category and product when enable TakePOS (#25031)
NEW: do not add default value in list
NEW: drop down for action button show a simple button if only 1 action
NEW: Enhance github_commits_perversion to get more stats on git commits
NEW: Enhance IPN to support payment_intent.succeeded for both card/ban
NEW: extrafields password accepts ‘dolcrypt’ algorithm (reversible algo)
NEW: Factorize a lot of code for numbering modules
NEW: filter on from/to period rather than month/year (#26378)
NEW: FontAwesome – Add possibility to select another version
NEW: Form for add object’s property on moduleBuilder
NEW: Can generate SEPA files for salaries (#26541)
NEW: massactions to delete projects
NEW: Generic doc template for donations (#26338)
NEW: Get list evaluation with skills details in user fiche (#26510)
NEW: hidden conf to disable use of dns_get_record (which can become unresponsive) (#26339)
NEW: improved resource data structure
NEW: Include sub warehouse in inventory
NEW: inventory without virtual products (kits)
NEW: Invoice subtypes for customers and vendors (#26233)
NEW: Invoice time from task, make task note better display in invoice line
NEW: lazy load to substitute project variables (#26451)
NEW: LDAP Active Directory UserAccountControl (#25507)
NEW: Library including math and financial functions (#25035)
NEW: Loan – Can upload a file with drag and drop
NEW: Manage rate indirect. (#26449)
NEW: memorize model name for pdf hooks
NEW: Menu editor is reponsive
NEW: Merge the “Create …” buttons on contract into one.
NEW: More accurate tooltip on what admin permissions are
NEW: (#24834) new option for hide the footer (#25464)
NEW: (#25044) new option for choose project visibility
NEW: new option for hide the footer of tickets on the public interface
NEW: no need to create invoice supplier object on supplier card for standalone credit note
NEW: Option to show label, ref+label or only ref of product in TakePOS
NEW: payment full amount detail tooltip
NEW: possibility to deselect line when create a recurring invoice + missing to use fk_parent_line
NEW: Project – List – use select2 multiselect for status
NEW: Propagate invoice extrafields into template invoice (#26529)
NEW: remove include_subwarehouse form llx_inventory database table
NEW: resource improvements – data structure (#26285)
NEW: Retrieve vat details from the Greek Ministry of Finance GSIS SOAP web service and autocomplete third party fields
NEW: Right for stats orders (#24607)
NEW: rights and check access to create portal accounts
NEW: Row in list higher height (#26177)
NEW: Save date of RUM creation when creating a Stripe SEPA mandate
NEW: shipment can include service (for information and invoicing) (#26407)
NEW: Show id of module on the tooltip module help page
NEW: show VAT free amount on payment input close #26208 (#26209)
NEW: start and end date for due date filter on invoice list
NEW: Sub total in list (#26165)
NEW: Suport html content for combo list of email recipient
NEW: Website: Support of js into the Dolibarr server preview
NEW: TakePOS – add constant to check qty asked is available (#24820)
NEW: TakePOS – add constant to choose contact instead of customer (#24807)
NEW: TakePOS – amount label with or without tax in free product (#24829)
NEW: TakePOS compatibility with lots and serials
NEW: TakePOS compatibility with lots and serials (#26426)
NEW: Top menu support picto of modules that are font awesome picto.
NEW: updating by adding massactions for delete projects in societe tab
NEW: updating by adding tooltip for api section in Modulebuilder
NEW: updating by adjust request Sql for Salary invoice (#26279)
NEW: updating for display Help title when try to delete Don (issue #25314)
NEW: Upgrade in module builder in menu section
NEW: use account address in sepa mandate (#23642)
NEW: VAT rate – Add entity
NEW: When an user unset the batch management of products, transformation of each batch stock mouvement in global stock mouvement
NEW: PDF Generation for each Human Resource Evaluations.

SEC: #25512 applicative anti bruteforce – security on too many login attempts (#25520)
SEC: Add action confirm_… as sensitive to need a CSRF token
SEC: Disable not used PHP streams

For developers or integrators:

QUAL Reduce very seriously the technical debt (using PHPStan, Psalm and Rector)
NEW Tool in dev/tools/rector to autofix code using style coding practice rules

PERF: Removed a useless fetch_thirdparty
PERF: Perf avoid 2 useless fetch into the triggers of agenda.
PERF: performance & code quality enhancements template sections

QUAL: Remove hardcoded code for OVH sms. Generic method is ok now.
QUAL: Code fix using rector
QUAL: Force subclass MINVERSION (#26314)
QUAL: group all flag images into 1 sprite file. (#26459)
QUAL: Move conf->global into getDolGlobal…
QUAL: Refactor merging companies and fix #26272 with Reception objects (#26320)
QUAL: Removed deprecated field remise, remise_percent, remise_absolute
QUAL: Standardize code and look and feel for dictionaries
QUAL: Standardize code. Renamed ID of user properties into ->user_xxx_id
QUAL: Use dol_clone with parameter 2 for ->oldcopy
QUAL: use switch case instead of if elseif statements for actions
QUAL: Better respect of REST API RFC.

NEW: [Add hook in user bank page]
NEW: #19501 Add two hooks in dolreceiptprinter.php (#26439)
NEW: Accountancy – Add hooks on PrintFieldList for expensereportsjournal, purchasesjournal, sellsjournal
NEW: add a $notrigger param to Product::updatePrice() method (#26404)
NEW: Add a rule to fix empty($conf->global->…) into !getDolGlobal…
NEW: Add column extraparams on societe_rib
NEW: Add hook on selectLotDataList() function (#25368)
NEW: add Hooks and prepare extrafields management for product invoices consumptions (#26280)
NEW: Add hooks on import, step 5 – 6 (#24915)
NEW: add hook tabContentCreateSupplierOrder (#26418)
NEW: add hook tabContentViewSupplierInvoice (#26431)
NEW: add new hook AfterImportInsert
NEW: add new hook OrderCard (#26380)
NEW: add new hook tabContentCreateOrder (#26408)
NEW: Add phpunit for REST API of contacts
NEW: Add triggers COMPANY_RIB_XXX already present in companybankaccount.class.php
NEW: Add triggers on import success
NEW: Add trigger when deleting a bank account line
NEW: subproduct triggers in product class (#25142)
NEW: ModuleBuilder: add section changeLog to Doc in MB
NEW: ModuleBuilder: Add api url to documentation in ModuleBuilder
NEW: ModuleBuilder: Checkin comments begin and end before each actions
NEW: ModuleBuilder: edit properties in description tab for ModuleBuilder
NEW: ModuleBuilder: remove dictionary in ModuleBuilder
NEW: ModuleBuilder: add page for create dictionary
NEW: ModuleBuilder: add badge for each tabs
NEW: ModuleBuilder: for edit name of dictionnary and delete it in MB
NEW: add barcode function to check if EAN13 is valid (


The following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:

  • Recheck the setup of your module Workflow to see if you need to enable the new setting to have shipment set to billed automatically when
    an invoice from a shipment is validated (and if your process is to make invoice on shipment and not on order), because this setup has changed.
  • The hook changeHelpURL is replaced by llxHeader
  • The property ->brouillon has been removed from all classes. It was not reliable and was a duplicate of ->status == self::STATUS_DRAFT.
  • The duplicated and deprecated property ->date_livraison that was renamed into ->delivery_date has been completely removed.
  • The property ->user_close to store ID of closing user has been renamed into ->user_closing_id.
  • The property ->user_validation to store ID of user validating has been renamed into ->user_validation_id.
  • The property ->user_creation to store ID of user of creation has been renamed into ->user_creation_id.
  • The property ->user_modification to store ID of user of modification has been renamed into ->user_modification_id.
  • The private array ->status_short, ->statuts and ->status_long are now array ->labelStatusShort and ->labelStatus everywhere.
  • The duplicate property ->user_creat, ->date_creat, ->date_valid have been removed (use instead user_creation, date_creation, date_validation).
  • The method get_substitutionarray_shipment_lines() has been removed. Use the generic get_substitutionarray_lines() instead.
  • The method ProductcustomerPrice->fetch_all_log() has been renamed into camel case ->fetchAllLog()
  • It was possible to use a variable $soc or $right inside a PHP code condition of some extrafields properties, this is no more true (this 2 variables are no more global variables).
  • New hook files of modules actions_mymodule.class.php should now “extends CommonHookActions”
  • Endpoint for API /partnershipapi and /recruitment has been renamed into /partnerships and /recruitments to follow name conventions.
  • The delete() method of AdherentType, Contact, Delivery, MultiCurrency, CurrencyRate now need $user as first parameter.
  • A very high number of class properties (with old name in french) are now deprecated in favor of the property name in english.
  • The load of hook context productdao has been removed before calling loadvirtualstock. Modules must use the context of main parent page or ‘all’ for all cases.
Dolibarr preferred partner

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Dolibarr V19.0 released